Technical issues

The power cord for my laptop shorted out. No power to download photos. No power to post on web site. Bummer. I can do it on the phone but not convenient. Good news… Continue reading

Little Harbour

During the last few months we have traveled from the northern most area of the Abaco Islands, Double Breasted Cay, south to Little Harbour. The red line on the chart shows our track.… Continue reading

Another Great Month

Another great month living the life in the Bahamas. It rained a lot in June. We watched the internet weather and saw the bands of clouds and rain coming towards us from Florida… Continue reading

First Anniversary of the Launch of Catbyrd

June 3rd, 2016 a stressful day and the culmination of seven years of work. June 3rd, 2017. I think we have made the transition to boat living quite nicely! May there be many… Continue reading

Short Respite in Cocoa Beach

After our first two month cruise of the Bahamas in our own boat, we’re back in Cocoa Beach visiting with family, unpacking our deliveries, buying more stuff, attending a middle school awards ceremony… Continue reading

Hard as Nails

Do you want to have great finger nails?  After experiencing years of short chipped peeling nails I have discovered a simple guaranteed two step process.  1.  Stop sanding 2.  Eat fish

Lobster Pizza

Back when it was lobster season Orren speared 16 lobsters in one day and did really well other days, too.   We’re on the lookout for creative recipes. 

An Eventful Day

Great fishing, again, even though it was windy and the seas were rough. This guy buzzed us on one side, circled around, landed on the other side of us, visited with his friends… Continue reading

Tiffany in the Bahamas

I’m so glad Tiffany came to visit!! She’s a long term Florida resident traveled all over the United States and to many foreign countries and has never been in the Bahamas! ┬áIt was… Continue reading

Underwater Scooter Ride

These strange vehicles are for rent on Great Guana Cay.  Your head stays dry, your body is wet and while riding it you look similar to a sea horse. We all passed but… Continue reading